Our vision

Our dream is that all archers being a beginner or pro shooter
can spend all time and put all effort in shooting at the lowest achievable cost per shot

We believe that…..

– You deserve to put all your energy in drawing your bow, not your arrows. You will not be a better shooter of pulling arrows, and there is no championships in arrow pulling.
– You will not be a better shooter by spending your valued time on playing Lego with the targets just to prevent pass troughs. The cost of 1 shoot is more important than the cost of 1 target, so you can spend your time and money on other things.

This is why we developed Easy Pull.

Amazingly easy to pulls arrow, last thousands of shots and cheapest in the long run both measured in spent time and money.

Thank you for choosing or showing interest in the targets developed by ELEVEN.

We have more than 2 decades of archery experience and have been in the business for more than a decade. During the development and production of our products, we took into consideration the special needs of our customers, the environmental footstep we leave, and to have cost-efficient solutions. We are constantly developing new products adjusted to our customer’s needs while pressing down production prices meanwhile always keeping the supreme quality that the brand ELEVEN stands for.

We started with 3D targets in 2003. After 3 years of experience in 2006 we started producing EP (Easy Pull) material. 3D targets and inserts inserted in polyfoam targets for target and field archery.
The inserts can be adjusted according to the different rules and all other needs our customers may have. Our products are used by clubs and associations that want to have long lasting targets and also on the highest level competitions like World Cups and World championships.During the development, we experimented with materials that are flexible, resistant against physical load, but at the same time does not damage the arrows. During our researches, we concluded that due to the mode of usage, it is not one, but a combination of materials that must be used to satisfy all needs. We constantly work on developing new materials and products and making existing products better and more price worthy.

We strive every minute to live and act according to our slogan:
”Full of ideas”, this is best for our customers and for us, others are copying us, and this ensures us that we are on the right track.

Quality: Our products are of superior quality, we keep the best price/value ratio on market and we intend to keep it this way in the future also. We do not save money on putting less material in our targets and this way our customers get a long lasting target with the best price/value ratio on market. We spend minimal amounts of money on marketing, that job is done by our satisfied customers. We are proud suppliers of highest level of all archery.

ELEVEN targets logoELEVEN targets logoTarget, Field and 3D.Target: WA World Cups, World Championships.
Field: WA and IFAA World and European Championships.
3D: WA, IFAA and HDH-IAA World and European Championships.

Prices: Our prices are in the middle region per unit and the lowest per shot as they are highest quality products.  ELEVEN 3D targets contain more material than other targets which makes them much more durable and give an unbeatable value for your money.
ELEVEN 3D targets material is colored and only small areas are surface colored. This means that the color will not fade or come off when pulling arrow.The new material Easy Pull is stopping the arrow effectively, has a longer lifetime and makes arrow pulling extremely easy with a remarkable foam healing.