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The best of the ELEVEN Buttress

Collection of the most useful layouts for inserting with EasyPull inserts.

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E70 Giant Frog w insert

100x91x92 cm

Approx. 32 kg



1007 €

E25D16 2½D Mandala

Recommended for Recurve bows up to 30#
The diameter of arrow and type of point affect the stopping effect

94x94x17 cm

Approx. 3 kg




E69 Baby Dino

41x28x19 cm

Approx. 3 kg



106 €

EF3Y Target EP block YELLOW

44x44x26 cm206,8 

65x65x26 cm -  420,8 €

Approx. 10 kg & 21 kg


MSRP shown with­ VAT

Team Eleven takes the gold medals at 2019 3D European Championships

Eleven Targets Team

Our team namely Gabor Nagy, György Gondán, János Szedlár and Zoltán Bertalan takes the trophy among the long distance teams.
Totally 42 teams registered to the event after qualification round of 14 targets Team Eleven was seeded as the leading team and they kept this position in the finals on six targets.

ET Team

Eleven has always been a pioneer when it comes to inventions on the target market. The ECOWAVE name reflects the reduced ecological footstep we leave since 80% of the weight is recycled material.

The ECO also reflects that this product is economically correct for the customer, since it is cheaper than any other solution with highest quality level. A cheaper product with higher quality is a good combination making ECOWAVE unbeatable.

To achieve all the required features above a high density shred of recycled material is used. High density means heavier targets. ECOWAVE is heavier than our previous targets of the same size. This is one of the reasons why we use the modular system. The other one is the high grade of flexibility it gives our customers to have the target customized to their needs at different events or different stages of one event.