Timeline of most important innovations by Eleven Targets



The worldwide pandemic situation is also proving that mankind is on the wrong path and
actions need to be taken immediately to improve our environment.
Eleven Targets has since years worked on decreasing our ecological footprint.

Several of our products are mainly made of reused plastic waist like the ECO, EPRO and Eleven Plus.

We reuse 99,9% of our own side products to produce new targets of.
We are proud to present that we have reduced our plastic waist to zero.

That is remarkable you may think, but we also buy tens of tons of plastic side products
from other industries and instead of burning new products are born.

You are saving our environment and with shooting on our targets
you are contributing to livable less polluted world.



You have original ELEVEN Targets, if there is Holotag or Marker on it!

From this year every Eleven product have a unique ID tag


HOLE-IN technology for 3D targets

We use material where is needed, without making compromises.
It looks the same, lasts as long, feels the same but costs less.

Less money, same quality




Do you need easy storing?
Do you need economical shipping?
Do you need targets with extremely good price?
And do you need an excellent target?

We have a solution for all of that.

ELEVEN Plus Slim target which is available in 125x125x17 cm size with 1 pcs 30×17 cm and 4 pcs 20×17 cm inserts.
This type of target is accepted in most competitions, usable in every weather condition, contains recycled material and polifoam layers as well, so the price will be very attractive. The inserts are same thick as the buttress, so you can store the target easily and this size will not reduce the lifetime of EP insert significantly. This size can be enough to shoot a lot.

An extra good news: we can provide you replaceable inserts as well!



Developing of ECO

As arrow and bow technology is rapidly developing it is now necessary to have a new generation of targets on the archery market.

Eleven has always been a pioneer when it comes to inventions on the target market. The ECOWAVE name reflects the reduced ecological footstep we leave since 80% of the weight is recycled material. The ECO also reflects that this product is economically correct for the customer, since it is cheaper than any other solution with highest quality level. A cheaper product with higher quality is a good combination making ECOWAVE unbeatable.

To achieve all the required features above a high density shred of recycled material is used. High density means heavier targets. ECOWAVE is heavier than our previous targets of the same size. This is one of the reasons why we use the modular system. The other one is the high grade of flexibility it gives our customers to have the target customized to their needs at different events or different stages of one event.



The WALL netting

Security is the most important! In case of wall nettings available so far in the market,
they are not suitable for stopping the arrows mishit from modern bows. It was necessary to come up with new ideas…
As we are doing big efforts to come out with absolutely the best products on the archery market with reasonable prices,
we decided to change the production technology slightly for our netting

„The WALL” resulting in a better product. It is the best available netting today.
The weight is 1,7 kilograms for 1 m (1,8 m2). Height of net is 1,8m that can be attached to another netting, doubling height.
We deliver the ordered lenght (1-25m) , the one standard unit is maximum 25m.


Easy Pull inserts

Easy Pull EP – As the name indicates it is easy to pull any arrow shot by any bow even for a child, thanks to its cell structure. The material is self-healing, able to take thousands of shotswithout any pass through. Best material you have shot at, guaranteed. The technology has advanced with faster and higher energy bows and modern, thin carbon arrows the time has come to change the targets accordingly.
The various size and colours of inserts for archers needs, for various shooting range. If somebody is planning to order a buttress, it is recommended to consider ordering with EP inserts because it will increase the lifetime of the buttress. Using them in 3D targets promises thrift and easier use. In most of our our bigger targets we always use the 3D EP insert. 



Butresses made out from Polyfoam

It has become necessary to improve a new material for archers, which stops the arrows efficently, economically and gently.
Many manufacturers have tried to use up-to date materials, which did not serve some of the requirements.
The cross-linked foams is the most suitable when the different solidity layers are mixed properly.

The difference between different manufacturers is how much they use of the harder polyfoam layers that stops the arrow.
Naturally it costs much more than soft polyfoam layers. The difference can not be seen from the outside.
However, we always state for which bow we construct a buttress, please study that also, not only the price before you choose.
That way you can be sure that the buttress is according to your needs…


Developing of Easy Pull 

The story started in 2003 with 5 different 3D targets. Ten years later we had more than 40 different 3D targets made of EP material or EP insert. Our 3D targets last many times more than others and the easy removal of arrows gives you the „wow” experience. If you have shot one you know what so many in archery are talking about. We have provided targets to more than a dozen World and European events, all associations.
The name ELEVEN is well known in archery. It is „ the” target, for 3D archery or any other target. We use EP in our 3D targets they are of highest quality and stand for top technology. Pulling the arrow is a child’s game and the durability of these targets are exceptional.




When the cavemen went to hunting…